Types of accounts: Alpho provides its Clients with the following

  • Floating (typical)* spread; there may be instances when market conditions cause spreads to widen or to shorten beyond the typical spreads
  • Wide variety of instruments to trade (FOREX,COMMODITIES, SHARES, INDICES)
  • Trade with standard lot sizes
  • Spreads starting from 3 pips on the Euro Dollar


The whole list of trading instruments available alongside the underlying asset and the Exchange where this asset is being traded can be found here.

Margin Call

Clients will be warned by the platform when they are getting close to automatic liquidation of their position at 50% margin level. Clients will only get an automatic margin call notification if they are logged into their trading platform. Therefore, clients are advised to log into their trading platform on a regular basis to ensure they monitor their Equity and any relevant notifications accordingly. Clients will also be warned when their margin level falls below 30% as the platform will automatically liquidate their positions.

Maintenance Fee

On April 1st, 2019, Alpho is introducing monthly Maintenance Fee of USD 10 (or currency equivalent) for all its current and new trading accounts.

The Maintenance Fee will be charged in if there are no transactions (deposits, withdrawals or trading activity) on your Trading Account for a period of at least one (1) month or more.

In this case Alpho reserves the right, to charge a monthly inactivity fee, in return for the provision of the continued availability of your Trading Account.

As per the Term and Conditions of the Client Agreements, Section 9, you agreed that you are liable to and will pay the applicable fee as notified to you from time to time and that Alpho may deduct such fee from any funds held by us on your behalf.