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Sony is satisfied with their status of independent service provider

Sony is satisfied with their status of independent service provider

During an investor briefing, Tony Vinciquerra, CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, emphasized that their choice to stay out of the saturated general streaming market and instead become a leading supplier of content was the right decision. Sony's content, including popular shows like The Last of Us on HBO Max, Cobra Kai on Netflix, and For All Mankind on Apple TV+, has been well-received on various streaming platforms.

This trend is creating pressure on production budgets, prompting streaming platform operators to consider shifting their focus to becoming content suppliers. Tony Vinciquerra emphasized that Sony Pictures is well-positioned to provide content to a wide range of partners and platforms. Sony has also capitalized on the growing global interest in anime content through its ownership of Crunchyroll, an anime streaming service. The company anticipates increased sales from Crunchyroll and a resurgence in theatrical releases as consumers return to cinemas, leading to an estimated 11% growth in sales to 1.52 trillion yen (11.26 billion USD) this year, with operating profit expected to remain stable.


Movement of Sony in the last five years. (Source: Trading Economics) *