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Tesla’s big day

Tesla’s big day

Today is the day when Tesla will publish results for the second quarter. If Tesla publishes second quarterly profit, it will lead to its inclusion in the S&P 500. Analysts expect the company to have lost 19 cents a share on revenue of $5 billion in the quarter after the closing bell.

In the case of Tesla’s including in the S&P 500, a multitude of passively-managed funds will be forced to include stock in their portfolio. Speculation on S&P 500 inclusion has been a major factor behind the stock’s 60% rally since late June.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has met $2.1 billion. Tesla, according to the market capitalization of the largest carmaker in the world, reached the market capitalization of the company of almost $300 billion.

Under the agreement, Musk will acquire a total of 20.3 million share options with an estimated value of $56 billion in 12 tranches over the next ten years, provided that it achieves many targets and operating objectives, including that Tesla's market value will rise by 2028. to $650 billion at a steady rate of market capitalization growth of $50 billion every ten months.

Interestingly, Musk as a director does not regularly receive any salary, cash rewards or capital. His only compensation is a reward, which, however, he receives only if the company manages to meet the set goals.